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  EXO Scripts!

We specialize in PHP Programming offering the best quality of Programming to our clients. We have some pre-made scripts or programs distributed under GPL License.

The FREE HelpDesk

EXO PHPDesk - A free helpdesk software written in PHP with MySQL backend, allows companies to interact with their customers with easy to use interface, consisting of Administraton, Staff, and Members Area.

Some of the features includes:
- Add/Edit/Delete/Close/Assign Trouble Tickets & Responses
- Unlimited Members, Administrators, and Staff support
- Create unlimited troubleshooters
- Add/Edit/Delete FAQ in Knowledge Base
- Fetch mail through IMAP/POP3
- Mail piping support for *nix OS

Plus much more exiting features. For more information -> Click Here

Why PHP?

Now if you were wondering why this software is written in PHP or what are the advantages or disadvantages of writing it in PHP, then here is the answer:

PHP is a web scripting language that is continously being developed and it is the most used scripting language on the internet nowadays and thus it is supported on most of the webhosts. The biggest advantage of PHP over other scripting languages is that its faster than any other language.

While being fast its scalable and flexible. For more information, visit


A Small Laptop

  Custom PHP Programming

Customer satisfaction is our main aim. We offer quality Programming at cheap and affordable rates.

Here is the price structure which is calculated in accordance with our $25 per hour rate:

Small Script:       $25 - $45
Medium Script:   $80 - $100
Mega Program:  $300 - $1000

We accept payments by Credit Cards using 2Checkout's secure payment processing.

For a custom quote, please contact us at